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Natural Numbers is a woman-owned business, powered by experienced, interesting people you would enjoy working with.

Our Story


We are a small but mighty bookkeeping, tax preparation and advisory firm which specializes in creating and maintaining custom, efficient and affordable accounting solutions for small businesses.
Everyone on our team brings a unique set of skills, experience and perspective to our work and to our relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves in our ability to connect earnestly with each other, with our work and with you. You will undoubtedly find that we all TRULY enjoy being in service to others.


“Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” - Desmond Tutu

Our Team

Meline McWhirter, Enrolled Agent

Matriarch of the Mothership

Meline is not your average accountant. She just happens to be particularly great with numbers, but passionate people are her passion. With a formal education in Environmental Engineering and Advanced Mathematics, she got her "accidental"  start in accounting 25 years ago, which led her to launching Natural Numbers in 2003. While bookkeeping and tax preparation are important and inevitable, one cannot live on numbers alone. Behind the scenes and outside of office hours, Meline is regularly off-grid, adventure motorcycle camping in the varied, remote, and less-populated landscapes of Southern California. Sharing delicious food from her garden and kitchen with her family and friends is core to her sense of connecting with the people she cares about most.

Tamarie Dean Rushin

Bookkeeping Maven. Systems Queen.

From accountant, booking agent, and tour manager of punk rock bands to financial and operations management of real estate investment firms, Tamarie's 30 years of accounting, financial, and management experience along with her unique and sometimes unbelievable life experiences are as diverse as it gets.

Her attention to detail, energy, vast range of skills and knowledge, and what some might call an obsession for organization and efficiency have been first the "fix" and then a guiding hand behind the growth and success of small businesses in almost every industry you could think of. 

Kelley Healey

Accounting Countess. Ledger Lover.

Living and working in Seattle, Kelley is well versed in e-commerce, construction, real estate development and outdoor gear.  She brings to the table over 14 years of bookkeeping and accounting experience along with another 10 years of independent work in the photography industry. She loves strategizing, categorizing and putting things in order. Taking both a holistic and granular approach to problem solving, Kelley strives to understand the correlation between operating systems and the needs of each business she is helping. Kelley has worked with numerous start-ups from the ground up.  When she is not reviewing budgets, reconciling accounts, or preparing financials, Kelley plays billiards competitively. When she is stressed – she does long division! 


Stacey Jo Langhans

Reconcili-agent. Methodical Muse. 

Stacey Jo grew up in Seattle and is obsessed with tea. She has been known to put a pot on and work until sunlight. When she is not  working, she loves to cook and spend time with her family and their two bloodhounds. She also recently picked back up the saxophone and it's like 6th grade never left!  Stacey Jo  studied Computerized Accounting at North Seattle Community College and has 14 years of bookkeeping experience for a variety of business structures, both large and small.  She has a passion for designing custom operating procedures, tailored to fit the needs and budgets of her clients. Working at a law firm for many years helped her refine her communication skills and solidified her dedication to never missing a deadline. She enjoys problem solving and she is not afraid of a challenge. A quick learner, she considers herself to be responsive and reliable while also being able to maintain flexibility. 

Deon de Wet

Data Whisperer. Insight Engineer.

With a Bachelor's of Commerce degree from the University of Pretoria in South Africa, Deon has always considered himself to be a guide first and foremost.  Whether managing a facilities services company in Los Angeles as Chief Executive,  leading therapeutic Yoga retreats in Thailand or when guiding adventure motorcycle tours in the backcountry of Central California, Deon's true talents lie in illuminating the way for others on their personal and professional journeys. By asking the right questions and sleuthing out areas of non-optimal function and inefficiency, Deon helps you find a sense of clarity within a confusing situation, ultimately leading you to the most effective application of an optimal solution. "It is easily the most fulfilling way that I can imagine spending my time and energy. It’s a great honor to be part of this outstanding team of professionals that are so truly dedicated to helping you succeed!"

"Wow. Impressive. Prompt. Efficient. And incredibly helpful."

As a new business owner, Natural Numbers provided exactly the kind of support that dissolves my fear of convoluted tax requirements, and gives me confidence I'm presenting my business accurately and appropriately. I'm pretty excited to have found a trusted advisor!"

- Janet S, Seattle, WA

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