Advisory Services

Analysis and strategy for growth and abundance

Has your business hit a plateau?

We can help you find your blind spots and position you for a brighter future.

Bean-counting, bookkeeping or accounting: call it what you may. It's almost always the first step in the process of creating, nurturing and growing a healthy enterprise, whether it be as a self-employed individual or a corporate entity employing others.

Once those “ducks are in a row” you can start concentrating more effectively. Confusion turns to clarity and chaos makes way for creativity and expansion.

We look forward to showing you exactly how our Advisory Services can help you craft and cultivate your professional journey in the most exciting and satisfying way.

"I had done some research about starting my small business and felt lost when it came to choosing LLC or S Corps starting out. Meline not only gave me insight into what I should choose and why, she basically broke my filing process up into my next to-do list. I am very grateful for the amount of information she gave me in a half hour consultation; that made me feel like I was talking to someone genuine and who cared I take the right steps. Thank you so much! I look forward to working with the team in the near future."

- Kelly P, Seattle, WA

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